Freestyle Photo Poses

Usually, men find it quite difficult to pose in pictures. To look natural in pictures, I have that problem as well. Today, I want to show you some freestyle photo pose ideas that I found online which are super simple to do. No more feeling shy in front of the camera and taking awkward shots. 


Adobe Premiere Pro 2021

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing software of Adobe Inc. It is included in Adobe Creative Cloud along with other creative tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more. Adobe developed this software to make video editing easier. You can install it independently from Adobe Creative Cloud to your Windows. With the easiest

Aperture in camera

What is aperture in a camera?

The aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are three main elements of the camera for adjusting the exposure. Among these three elements, the aperture is the most important one in photography. Mastering the aperture in the camera, you can have ultimate control in all-rounder photography. In this article, we will tell you what is aperture in

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Flower Photography

Flower Photography Tips

When it is summer, the flowers start to emerge from the soil. Everyone loves the season as various colorful flowers start blooming. Every photographer waits for this season and makes their camera ready for flower photography. This is not an easy job at all. There are many things you should keep in mind when shooting


What is Framing?

Framing is a technique that helps drawing attention to the subject in Photography. Photographers use framing by blocking other parts of the photo. But the tricky question is how can you do that while shooting? Well, in this guide, we will share the most amazing techniques for framing. Read the full article to learn the

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How to Crop in Photoshop

How to Crop in Photoshop

Did you ever think of not using the Photoshop crop tool while editing photos? Probably not. This is the only tool we cannot ignore. Every photo editor uses this tool at least once every time they use Photoshop. But the question is how efficiently we use this tool. There are many secrets of the crop

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how to get blurred background

The photos with a sharply focused subject and with a blurry background appear more stunning than the other ones. Usually, this can be achieved 100% by camera settings. A proper lens and perfect composing are enough for getting a blurry background. The blurred background is also known as a shallow depth of field. But in

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Pet Photography

Pet Photography

Pet photography is all about capturing your favorite pet’s expression, funny and sweet moments, and the habits of the pets. It is the most natural photography niche. But a photographer must-have skill and patience in this area of photography. While shooting portraits of pets, a photographer also must know how to include family, child, and

DSLR vs Mirrorless

DSLR Vs Mirrorless Camera

Looking to buy a new camera? Maybe you are but cannot decide which type would be good for you. Professional photographers always make their decision about buying a digital camera. Mostly it depends on what kind of photography they are doing. Whatever it is, the ultimate battle is always between a DSLR and a mirrorless

How to Make a Brush in Photoshop

How to Make a Brush in Photoshop

In this article we will discuss how to make a brush tool in Photoshop. Custom brushes can help you create beautiful effects from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. Graphic designing needs custom brushes to help creators turn their imagination into reality. Besides, if you are working with a graphic design agency then you must perform so