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Have you heard about the photo/image cutout? Well, background removal is an advanced term of photo image cutout service. When it comes to denting your e-Commerce products to visually appealing, the Background Removal technique comes. We can make images of the same products to look so different by enhancing their quality and making it colossally attractive to boost your sales. Hire us to design your images, etc. We have a professional team that helps to create your pictures perfect.

To isolate the background or to use the same color for different products is not a great solution for digital images. Clipping Panda, provide your professional image look by removing background from your images. Our price starts from $0.29 only.

background remove

Remove background from an image is a development procedure to increase the transparency of the photograph. Frequently, we notice people would like to take apart the photo from the background using some unusual software, but it will reduce the quality of your image and looks fishy.

But when you use Clipping Path tools to remove the image background, your image looks perfect and different.

Backround Remove Work Sample

Service Categories

Easy Removing

When there are so many things in a single image like anchor points, slight curves, and edgy curves, they reduce the picture's quality. Hence, the easy removing technique used. For example, if you are making images for the products like rings, shirts, and chairs, etc. Unnecessary edging and holes can reduce their impact. So to make it amazing, easy removing techniques are pro.

Medium Removing

When the images are a little tricky with several anchor points, edges, corners, and holes, the Medium Removing technique used. You can see that when the picture(chain, Model, Cloth, Flowers)is required to edit, there will be many holes with different shapes needed to be isolated from the backgrounds; hence medium removing technique is used.

Advance Removing

Advanced removing requires advanced clipping techniques. When you have products like fabric, and there are trees and cycles in the background, which are the path of the theme of your product's photo. The Advanced Removing Technique offers you fantastic editing for these closed paths. It edits the edges and corners without disturbing the overall theme of the image.

how to remove background in photoshop?

Step 1: Open images at Adobe Photoshop CC/CS6. Then select the pen tool or press(P). Now zoom working image 300% for seeing the perfect edge—select path layer from path panel.

Step 2: Make Selection by creating a clipping path. See the tutorial on how it works. After creating a clipping path, make Selection with a feather (0.5) that makes the image edge smooth. Press (Q) /Quick Mask to show the working image area perfectly. For complex images have many inside, and quick masks help our designers show their working area. It makes perfect work for a professional designer. Press(Ctrl+L) for a transparent layer, take a solid color layer and choose your desired color. In general, we choose white color and color code(#ffffff). Make sure layer order Background Layer>Solid Color Layer/Color fill 1>transparent layer/Layer 1

color picker

Step 3: Press (Shift+Ctrl+S) or choose to save as from the file menu. Then select image type and save.