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Web design is a step by step process for designing websites that we see on the internet. Web designers create the overall look of the websites that you feel when using the internet. It includes planning and developing website elements such as layout, images, colors, fonts, graphics, etc.

Nowadays, the most common strategy for designing websites are responsive and adaptive design. They both work smoothly on desktop and mobile phones. The contents move smoothly in responsive design depending on screen size. But in the adaptive design, website content is fixed for the standard screen sizes.

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Developing a unique website always starts with the analysis. So, we analyze and gather information about the website's purposes, goals, and target audiences. In this phase, we try to understand what you want to see on your website. We ask questions about the business, objectives, and the tools you need. After gathering all the necessary information, we analyze them for the next phase.


Now we have all the necessary information about the website. So, it's time to put all of them together to develop a master plan. For making your desired website, we develop a strategy to create a sitemap and structure for the website. In the planning phase, we can select which technologies would be best for making your website.


After planning, the next step is designing the website. In this phase, we create mainframe models. Here we focus on developing visual Style, Usability, and overall aesthetics of the site. We try to give our highest efforts to ensure the best possible user experience. After completing the full design draft, we share the concept with the clients to review.


Content is the life of a website. You can't imagine a website without content. So, after the client's approval, we focus on content development. Our expert copywriters start developing quality content for the site in this phase. We also create high-quality photo & video content for the site. Our SEO experts make sure that every content is fully optimized and search engine friendly.


Development is the most crucial phase in the whole process. In this step, we focus on running the codes on the website. We use HTML, CSS & other technologies with the client's requirements. We also develop databases in this phase as per requirements. The final task in this phase is developing a responsive design to make the site user friendly for all kinds of users.


Testing is an important part of the whole web design process. We check every page, links, form, script, and possible typing errors. In this stage, we mainly focus on three steps. After completing all the technical tests, we make sure the site is compatible with all the browsers. The final test is if the site fulfills its purposes or not.


After running all the tests, now it's time for launching the website. In this final phase, we upload the site to the server. But it's not finished yet. Now we start to monitor the website for future updates, bug fixing, and maintenance. Then we prepare ourselves to give the best post-development support for our clients after the deployment.

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