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People sometimes become confused about Clipping Path and Image Masking because both techniques are used to remove the backgrounds form the images. Well, the main difference between both is that, where Image Clipping gets failed to due to a complicated assortment of the entities in the image. So, here, Masking is used.

Image Masking is a popular technique of photo editing. Images with hairy corners and zigzag edges can be edited by using Masking Technique. Images of the transparent reflections and flames are perfectly edited by Image Masking.

Not only corners are edited in this technique but colors and shades of the images are also edited in this technique. Hence, you cannot say an ordinary or novice designer can perform it. Only professionals can do it.

We have come to help you with our best graphics team and offers Image Masking service. Quality of work is our main priority and we do care customers’ budget also.

Our experts have the knowledge about the complications of image masking, so they check every detail of it even though the work is completed. We like to finish every project within the time limit.

Image Masking Work Sample

Service Categories

Photoshop image masking is the method of erasing the current background of an image containing fuzzy edge or hair or transparency. With the help of image masking features, one can select those parts of the photo which seem impossible to select. It ensures each removal without any harm.

Layer Image Masking Service

Layer Image Masking as the name shows is used to edit and remake the layers of the images. By layers I mean one can look at the step by step process like do and undo the editing at any point of editing. Layers are made for the images editing. In this way, you can lock, open, or close the layers in order to bring any change in the edited image. This is an effective masking technique.

Alpha Image Masking Service

In Alpha Image Masking Service, one can edit colors, shades, and pastels used in the photo in order to make the palette according to the feel of the image. When you cannot understand the color used in an image then alpha image masking use technique to repair and make exact color used in the image. You can simply edit, bright, tone, and filter images according to the light effect in this technique.

Transparent Image Masking Service

When you design see-through or transparent images by doing experimentation with their background, then transparent masking is all you need. Transparent Image Masking is a technique that’s going to help you in this regard. You can think it an easy technique but it requires a lot of hard work and deep skills to use this technique. Our experts will help you to get perfect results.