Freestyle Photo Poses

Usually, men find it quite difficult to pose in pictures. To look natural in pictures, I have that problem as well. Today, I want to show you some freestyle photo pose ideas that I found online which are super simple to do. No more feeling shy in front of the camera and taking awkward shots.  This freestyle poses also will give you a natural look and this is exactly what we’re going to do.

Not too fake, not too stiff and that’s what freestyle photo posing you want to capture. In this photo posing guide, I will show different types of posing like standing, sitting, walking, and more. Now before we dive right into these videos and into the five poses. Let’s go outside and just try some of these poses.

Freestyle Photo Pose One

In this section, we will talk about a super simple standing pose. It’s always important to put your legs apart a little bit when you do stand poses. Keep your hands in the pocket then lean towards the side and take the shot.

You can bring variations by doing the phone out style. We’re all on our phones a lot all the time. So, that will make the pose natural, and then just make sure to do something on your phone. And then you can put your phone in the pocket and pull it back out. Just create a lot of movement to get that. Make sure to take as many pictures as you can to nail that perfect moment. Look at the freestyle photo pose example below to get a better understanding. Learn more about Male Poses here.


Freestyle Photo Pose Two

It is another freestyle standing pose. Some people call it the bouncer pose. Make sure your legs are apart and in this one, stand straight and cross the arms. In front of the chest tilt the head a little bit. Here you can try some variations too. Try left-right whatever feels better and of course always move and make sure to take as many shots as you can. To nail your perfect once again, here’s a preset thrown on this one.


Freestyle Photo Pose Three

Now, I will tell you about how to pose while sitting. You can create awesome poses by sitting. To get some super freestyle pose, look for stairs to take shots. In this case, also follow the previous posing tactics as I discussed. Always make sure that your legs are apart even when you’re sitting. Try to add masculinity in that and then try variations. Take out your phone and use it one-handed. So yeah, this is pose number three. Take as many shots as you can to get the finest picture. You can also try this by sitting on a big stone or a tree trunk. Look at the below image which is one of the best freestyle setting photo poses. You can learn about Female Poses from our latest posing guide.


Freestyle Photo Pose Four

This is another sitting pose I am going to discuss. Find a wall and sit laying your back on the wall. Of Course, get your legs apart again in this case too, and then hop on the wall. Try and put your hands in front of the lap. I like that pose a lot. Make sure to move and maybe again take your phone out. Try that a little bit and take as many pictures as you can to hit that. Also try some movement shots if you can.


Freestyle Photo Pose Five

Walking is a great posing style for freestyle photography. People do this a lot by walking on the street or open fields. If you try to stand there and imitate a movement, it will look super fake. So, don’t do that. Find a stare or something that really enhances that movement and then just walk across the street.

Up-down, back-forth and just keep shooting as many as you can until you hit that perfect shot where you can feel the movement. Also, the phones out is always a good one. Walking naturally not paying attention to the camera. Again, take as many pictures as you can to hit that perfectly. It will look super-natural, and you can create a lot of variations by taking shots through walking. The busy one is on the phone talking and doing it again back and forth.

Now, this is also important to choose realistic places. Nobody will walk in the middle of the street as if he owns the street. That looks fake. What you want to do is maybe cross the street or something that you would. Just do it to look as natural as possible.


Freestyle Photo Pose Six

Now, let’s talk about how to pose for freestyle group photos. Sometimes different occasions demand group shots.  When you need to take group shots by standing separately it would be better than keeping the heads together. It works best to take friendly group shots or a small team of co-workers. Put the team leader in front of the team to get a stronger shot.


Freestyle Photo Pose Seven

We all love to take family shots. There are many styles for posing family members together. To take freestyle photos of the family, get outside and take shots by sitting on the lawn, local park, or on the beach. Just maintain the rules of standing and sitting. Pose with getting low and take shots from the eye level.

In the living room, take photos of the members by sitting on the couch. It is the most common way to capture all the members in a single frame. Learn more about family photography here.



So, this is all about freestyle photo poses. Just keep it super-natural and simple while taking shots. Freestyle Photo posing is mainly taking the photos in a way that you feel normal. So, don’t pressure it, just stay normal and take natural shots. It’s not that tough. All you must do is take as many photos as you can. When you take many photos then you can sort out the best ones easily. And you will have the freedom to choose the shots.