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Best Male Poses in 2021

Shooting men is more difficult than women. Because men are less comfortable with being photographed. So, it is important to capture men with proper pose to get the best results. A proper plan would help shoot men confidently. In that case, planning for the right male poses is required. Previously, we have discussed female poses and couple poses. You can learn the techniques from those articles before shooting men. Though achieving accurate male poses are difficult from those techniques but you can use some of them here. So, in this posing guide, we will show you how to shoot men with the best poses. Read the full article to learn amazing techniques for shooting men’s photos.

Tips for Posing Male

There are some general facts for the better pose of a person and that works best with men.

  • Consider the things that are closer to the camera and look bigger.
  • Objects that are remote from the camera and look smaller.
  • Consider a short lens that makes the face round and puffy.

The following tips for posing males will give you stunning results.

Give the Male Face a Strong Shape

To achieve this pose, try to highlight the jawline to emphasize the men’s masculinity. Normally, a strong jawline is a show of more masculinity.

Ask your subject to push their chin out. This will give the face a gentle look. Use some shadow to further refining of the jawline. Be careful not to make the jawline blend into the neck. Never let your subject pull his chin back.


Squinching to Flatter the Eyes

Puppy eyes as big round do not fit good on men. This kind of pose arrows fear and confusion. Tell the subject to do what Peter Hurley calls a “squinch”. It is a great technique in male poses those lower eyelids and raise a bit to narrow the eyes. Thus, the subject will look like he is up to something. It can be used if you want to add a bit of mischievousness, playfulness. If you search on the internet, you will find more results that are often squinching, and more attractive.

Tilting the Head Away

Tilting the head towards the camera will look awkward. So, don’t let your subject tilt towards the camera. It will be a nice female pose though. You’re your subject to keep the head natural or tilt slightly away from the camera. Tilting the head too much away from the camera can make your subject look aggressive.


Square the Shoulders to Look Broader

The subject’s shoulders must look as broad as possible. Try to square the shoulders towards the camera if possible. Make the model lean towards the camera a little. Thus, the shoulders will look bigger.


Make Sure the Subject Has High Posture

You can shoot an excellent male portrait if he has a great posture. Ensure that your subject is looking tall while standing. And tell him to stand with shoulders relaxed and keeping the core tight. Male poses must deliver confidence and powerful looks. Showing their muscles is not going to achieve that. You just have to find a way to show the model masculine and can stand by itself.


Use the Subject’s Hands

Usually, men do not do any amazing things with their hands when they have nothing to do. It looks awkward on the camera. Tell the subject to keep their hands busy. Give the men’s hands a reason for being where they are. Most men feel it is stupid as they get uncomfortable.

Tell the subject to keep their hands in pockets or the thumb hooked on the pocket. If you want the subject to look like an ancient philosopher then tell him to place the hand on the chin and the elbow on the knee to create a thinking posture. Your subject can cross their arms on the chest with shoulders too. It will make him stay relaxed. For keeping the hands busy they can also rub their hands together.


Standing Male Poses

While your subject is standing, tell him to keep his legs crossed at the shin-level. His weight must be on the back leg and another one should be a bit closer to the camera.

The model can also stand by leaning on the wall. One leg closer to the camera and another knee should be bending. This is a great and cool pose for both males and females.


Sitting Male Poses

Your model can sit wherever it suits him. He can be sitting on a chair, bench, or a desk. Those aren’t matter but the sitting styles do. Tell the subject to Keep the ankle of one leg goes onto the knee. Then take the shot slightly from above. Thus, you can make a natural, and relaxed male pose.

Another style of sitting male poses is leaning the subject against a desk. In this case, crossed arms on the chest will make the shot better.


Some Special Tips for Male Poses

  • If your subject is a heavy blinker, tell him to close his eyes and open them on three. Now shoot instantly. This is a great way for portraits.
  • You can try blocking the double chin out of the view by posing the subjects’ hand.
  • Suppose, your subject has a big nose. Use a longer lens and shoot the face straight in that case.
  • If your subjects have a puffy face use a shorter lens. A longer lens makes the puffy face look skinnier.


You should be more flexible, better prepared for unforeseen circumstances. You should give the most priority to the client’s look. Check out our article on couples posing for more great guides on photography poses. Another important thing is to communicate with the subject. Communication makes it easy to understand and better poses. Also, practice shooting with different poses with the subject. Comment if you have any queries about male poses.

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