Female Poses

Female Poses

Like other photography tips, it is also essential to learn about the poses. It can be tricky when it comes to photographing a female model.

Stunning photos depends on their poses. Especially if the female model is an amateur, then it becomes tough to take pictures. It would be better to discuss this with the female model before shooting.

To make it easier for you, we will show you 20 examples of female poses here. Many professional photographers use these examples as a reference when photographing a woman. Let’s study all 20 female poses for applying them correctly in photographing women.

1. Simple Portrait Pose

For capturing unique portraits, it is a common and useful style. The style requires the model to look over her shoulder. Then shooting from different angel will give you stunning portrait photos of the model. Shooting from the backside of the model is the best position in this case.

Simple portrait female pose

Learn about different portrait lighting examples for making unique portraits.

2. Using Hands-on the Face

Keeping the hands on the different side of the face create many styles for a portrait. Ask the model to play with her hands around the face. Then shooting from a different angle gives you unique pictures. But focus only on the side of the hands, not the flat palm.

shooting portraits using the hand on the face

3. Using Diagonals in Female Poses

This is a photography composition rules like the rule of thirds. If you do not familiar with this rule, read our ultimate guide about the rule of thirds. By using diagonals in the same way, you can create a pleasing effect in the photo. Holding the camera at an accurate level is not required in this technique. Even tilting the camera might achieve different perspectives.

Using diagonals in the female pose

4. Sitting Poses

Achieving a lovely female pose can be possible with the model sitting. You can see the model sitting on a bench in the below image while her knees touch each other. It makes a better style. In this case, keeping the hands in different positions also makes the pose lovely. Following the process, shoot slightly from the above to have a beautiful portrait.

Sitting pose

5. Laying on the Ground

Many photographers use this technique to get nice female poses. A model can make different styles when lying on the ground. For example, using a hand as a support to keep the head above will create a nice pose. In this case, shoot nearly from the ground level to make it more perfect.

female pose-laying on the ground

6. Laying on the Stomach

It is another excellent style among the female poses. It makes variations for the poses while the model is lying on the stomach. This style can be used in the grass or a wildflower bed. Keeping both hands as a support for the body creates a unique style. To have more variations, tell the model to keep the legs upwards.

female pose-laying on the stomach

7. Laying on the Back

It is an effortless style among the female poses but creates stunning photos. When the model laying on the ground with the back, shoot from the ground level. Move around the model while taking the shots. Changing the head and hand positions in this style will make variations.

female pose-laying on the back

8. Different Hand & Leg Position

Change the styles of hands and legs while the model is lying on the back. It will give you a gorgeous female pose. Tell the model to move her hands and legs in various positions. Then shoot from a different side, especially from the side of the head. Try every angle for the best shots.

positioning hand & legs in a different style

9. Different Surface Settings

A charming female pose can be achieved by changing the surface. Take the shots lying down the model on the bed, in the field of grass, or on the beach. Focusing the eyes is the most crucial fact in this style.

female pose-different surface settings

10. Sitting on the Ground

It is another best way to have unique female poses. Tell the model to sit on the ground with different styles. Then shoot and focus on the side of the face.

female pose-sitting on the ground

Change the angle and direction continuously for the best shots. Here is another example of a model sitting on the ground.

female pose-example of sitting pose

11. Silhouette Female Poses

Use this technique when you are shooting the model against a bright background. Illustrating the model’s body in different angle will make beautiful poses.

Silhouette Poses

12. Casual Female Poses

Ask the model to twist her body while standing. In this way, you can make many variations of poses. Experiment with this technique by placing the model’s hand in a different position. Also, turn the head in different directions to make more variations.

Casual Female Pose

Here is another example of a simple casual female pose. Look how the pose becomes elegant while the model is turning slightly to the side.

another example of the casual pose

13. Leaning the Body Forward

It is a beautiful style among the female poses. Ask the model to lean slightly forward to emphasize the upper body shape.

Leaning the body forward

14. Holding the Hands Above the Head

This method can be used for creating sensual female poses. This style works best with fit bodies. You can emphasize the body curves of the model by holding the hands above the head.

sensual female pose

15. Posing in Full Height

A variety of female poses are possible by shooting the model at full height. Slightly turning the body, changing hand position, and different eye direction will give you more stunning shots.

posing in full height

16. Standing Against the Wall

A relaxing female pose creates when the model stands against the wall. The model can put her hands or a leg on the wall in this style.

female-pose-standing against the wall

17. S Shape Female Poses

The S shape technique is used in the full height poses. In this style, the body should be in the form of the English alphabet S. Try to work with the body of the athletes as it requires fit bodies. The hands should be relaxed, and only one leg will support the whole body weight.

S shape pose

18. Finding the Best Posture

When shooting a slim and athletic model, try to find the best posture. To find the best posture, ask the model to twist the body continuously. Tell her to move the hands slowly and take the shots as much as you can.

best posture

19. A Romantic Pose

By taking the shots from the back of the model can give you stunning romantic poses. In this case, the back of the model has to be bare. But it is not necessary to make the back completely bare. Also, ask the model to turn a side of the face to the back.

romantic pose

20. Facing the Wall

Ask the model to stand beside the wall and face it. Tell her to turn the head towards the camera while you are taking the shots.

facing the wall


There is no way to experiment with the model for the right pose. But these 20 female poses will help you to take the best shots. With these poses, you can make variations of styles. Creatively adjust the styles and ask your model to change hands, head, and legs. You can leave a comment if you want to share anything about female poses with us.

What is T posing?

Stands straight up, keeping the legs together and arms fully extended like Christ on the cross creates a T pose.

What makes an attractive smile in the photo?

It is essential to show most of your teeth to form a gentle arc. An attractive smile in a photo depends on the dark space too. The dark area is essential to create contrast in the image.