Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is the first and the most important in photography. Maybe it is the most recognized process in a photographic composition.

The beginner photographers have to learn the Rule of Thirds as a first lesson in photography classes. To make a well-balanced and attractive photo shot, everyone should follow this rule.

In this world, everyone tries to break the rules. If you ignore this rule, it doesn’t mean that your photos are unbalanced or ugly. But as a wise photographer, you should take it seriously. You can break this rule if you only find a more effective way.

We should remember that there are many other rules in photography. And the Rule of Thirds is the first step among them.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

The Rule of Thirds is essential in photography composition. Before going further, we should know what a photograph is first. A photograph is a two-dimensional space that represents a three-dimensional object. So, it’s tough to capture a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional space. So, we use the basic principle of the rule of thirds to do this difficult task. This rule is used to break the image into thirds. Thus, we find 9blocks and 4intersecting points in the image. You can see the basic diagram below for a better understanding.

When you’re shooting your photos, you may be trying to see the frame in your mind or the display. But imagining the frame’s grid line with mind sometimes becomes difficult. But technology made it more comfortable. Now in every digital camera, you will find a perfect gridline in your image. With the intersecting points of grid lines, you can identify four important parts. The Rule of Thirds tells us to place the main focal point of the image into any of the four intersecting points.

Besides, these grids provide four lines to place your image in the perfect position.

This rule’s main point is that if you place your photo’s best point of interest into those points, your photo becomes more balanced. The experts found in their research that our eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most. And people’s eyes are not much comfortable to see the center of the shot.

So, we should follow the Rile of Thirds to capture a realistic view of an image. In the below image, the bird’s eye is the best interest. When we see the image, our eyes go for the bird’s eye first. That’s why the bird’s eye is in one of the intersecting points of the grid line.

Example of the Rule of Thirds

In this image, the head of the subject is in one of the intersecting points. Specifically, the baby’s eyes are of the best interest in the photo. And the eyes are the main focus of good a portrait. The secondary point of interest in this picture is the smile of the baby. According to the Rule of Thirds, the smile should also be the nearest of a line.

In the above picture, the point of interest of the subject is along with a whole line. So, the secondary and additional points of interest have also been created in the picture. If the lady were in the center of the frame, it wouldn’t be a balanced shot.

To get a perfect landscape shot, you should position along with the horizontal lines. Observe the below picture and imagine where the lines should be.

Some photographers have the instinct to use the Rule of Thirds. But it takes a little time and practice for many of us. If you need to break the rule, then you should ask yourself some questions. So, when you are shooting, ask yourself, what are the best interest of the shot? And where do you want to place the lines?

So, before breaking the rule, learn precisely how to use it. Then experiment with intentionally breaking it awkward shots.


It would help if you also remembered the Rule of Thirds when you edit your picture. You can use advanced tools for cropping and repositioning your images. Thus you can fit your photos within the rules. Start experimenting with the rule of thirds with your photos and make them more elegant.

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