forced perspective

Forced Perspective

What Is Forced Perspective?

Forced perspective is a technique for photography, film production, etc. This technique is used to make an object large, smaller, or farther. You can also make an object closer to this amazing technique.

Normally, it is difficult to create something that seems logically impossible. But with your creativity and imagination, you can make it look real. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to use this technique. We often use this technique in our photo shooting or other activities. It is one kind of optical illusion. You can make tiny objects into giants and shrink big buildings.

How to Use Forced Perspective?

But the question is how to use it in the right way to create amazing and creative images? In this guide, I will show you seven effective techniques to use forced perspective in photography. So, to learn the amazing ways to use this technique, continue reading.

Prepare a Plan

If you want to standardize each visual object, you need to think about the scene you want. And you have to make it before you take the photo, as well as figure out how you are going to execute each shot. So, you need to make adequate preparation to carry out a forced perspective photo.

You can search the photos on google you want to take or the style you want to follow. Make a list of necessary props you will need for your project. As the natural light is an important element for the subject, don’t forget about it.  Also, prepare every small tool and be ready for photography.

Prepare for the Right Pose

It is not necessary to have a funny pose when taking a photo with a forced perspective. But you have to maintain the right distance and angle to create the subject look standard in the frame.

If you want to capture a fascinating photo, you need to conceive of an uncommon pose. Such an interesting pose works best on social media and people will like it. At least be clear on the props you’re using, if you’re not sure what pose to use. You can Google or watch videos from YouTube for the most relevant ideas pose. Do some study and experiment to look at the different images and pick out the ones you like.


Experiment Different Composition

In this technique of photography, your main focus should be on photo composition. It is the most critical part when doing this technique. While you are shooting your photo, you have to have thought about the composition to create. Place the subjects in the right location and move the camera slowly to connect them. Keep the camera close to the subject which you want to make larger. And keep the other one farther away if you want to make it smaller.

Try to use different photographic rules such as the rule of thirds.  It is about dividing your shot into nine equal sections. Thus, getting the best shots will be possible.


Use High Zoom

Always work with a high zoom to use forced perspective. The higher magnification will make a wider area of focus. Use a large enough space so you have the most options of where to place your subjects.

Another important thing you should consider is preparing your camera gear. A camera with a wide-angle lens will be best in this case.

Also, use a wide-angle lens which will give you the most options for creating various sizes of the subjects.


Use a Higher Aperture

Aperture is the most important camera setting for achieving the best depth of field. Aim for somewhere in between the subjects, while focusing your shot. Make sure all the subject is in focus and use the highest aperture as the wide focus will make everything seem much closer. You may want to make sure good lighting conditions to use this trick.


Creating beautiful forced perspective, make sure you illuminate the subject properly. It is not very difficult, but if you focus too much on getting that bokeh you might forget that your primary focus must be lit up. If the objects in the photo have different lighting, it will make the effect look fake.

Use Different Angles

Normally, forced perspective photos with high-quality are taken from two angles. After taking the photo from a low angle take another angle from a high angle. For creating the first one you need to lie on the ground or place the camera on the ground. Besides, a tall or high subject from a low angle creates a sense of depth and intimidation. And it allows you to depict the presence and intensity of the photo.



It is experimenting that will make it easy for you to learn how to take forced perspective photos properly. Experiment and practice will make you a professional photographer in this area. Composing photos with forced perspective is always interesting. So, practice more with proper techniques and share your forced perspective works with us.

What are the three types of perspective?

Linear, color and atmospheric are the three types of perspective. It can be used in a combination to establish depth in a picture.

Why is perspective important in photography?

It is important because it creates an illusion of a three-dimensional scene in the photographs.