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What is Lightroom presets?

What does preset stand for?
Preset means pre-set in English. In Spanish, it means preset adjustment.

It is a configuration of all Lightroom settings that is saved and can be used to edit photos. It can be exported and imported to other Lightroom from other people.

What kinds of presets are saved in Lightroom presets?

Most people think that presets are only for the revealing module and affect all parameters, but it is not quite like that.

Inside the Lightroom, there are tons of sections where you can create presets, from the full reveal module to the export settings, through the adjustment brushes.

Within each preset, you can save the settings that you have established at that moment as a preset setting (and later, you can also modify them). Later, when you select that preset, those parameters that you had saved will be applied to the image that you have at that moment so that the image will be “edited” at the moment. I put it in quotes because obviously, you’re going to have to adjust some parameters.

Within the presets of the develop module, you can save any of the parameters that you have applied to a photo, from a curve only to all metrics (including color temperature, etc.).

The same goes for export presets, brushes, etc.

I talk about all of this in a very particular way in the Lightroom course. Soon, I will also be doing a preset creation course for specific Lightroom, so don’t miss it and take a look at the courses I have many available already.

What are Lightroom presets used for?
Presets are used for various purposes since, like any program, having presets has many advantages when working (both professionally and for an initiate).

Presets save you editing time.
When you edit many photos, it is much easier to apply a preset to each photo and adjust the parameters that need to be fixed than to be editing each photo individually.

Imagine having a wedding and, after having selected from among 3000 photos some 800, start editing each of those photos. It’s crazy!

If you introduce the presets in your workflow, you will save a lot of editing time.

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