Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not just photography; it’s an art. This is one of the most rewarding professions in the present day. Many beginner photographers frequently ask many questions about it. 

So, today our discussion topic is wedding photography. In this article, we will answer all questions you have. We will give you some tips on an excellent wedding Photography. By reading this article and with a little practice, you will be a pro at wedding photography. So, let’s know what you should do when photographing a wedding.

  • Create a shot list

Creating a shot list is one of the most important jobs for a wedding photographer. It’s important to let the couple know about the shots that they would like to shoot on the day. Then make a list of the shots as you have planned for the day. 

Usually, making a list helps to organize the family shots. The worse matter for a wedding photographer is missing the traditional shots. Such as missing to capture the Grandma with the happy couple.

  • Nominate wedding photography coordinator

The wedding day can be quite stressful for a photographer. Finding the perfect shots from too many people is not easy that day. The guests are moving everywhere on the day. So, rounding everyone up and taking shots is very challenging. In that case, you should suggest the couple to nominate a family photo coordinator. Then the coordinator can round everyone up for the family photo. Also, he/she can manage to get the families together whenever you need a shot.

  • Scout the location

Scouting the location is a very important step before doing wedding photography. So, it would be best if you kept that in mind. You have to visit the locations and fix the shooting places before the big day. Many photographers skip this part, but it helps you get the shooting idea.

  • In wedding photography, preparation is the key

On the wedding day, nothing goes as planned. Still, planning is the key to good wedding photography. So, you have to be well-prepared for the uncertainty. It would be better if you have a backup plan for everything.

In the day, changing the weather can be a problem. So, you should prepare yourself for the bad weather. Keep your technical equipment ready. Such as fully charged extra batteries, memory cards, etc.

Knowing about the routes and times for going to different places is essential. It would be great if you attend the rehearsal ceremony. So, you can get an idea for the perfect shooting.

  • Set expectations with the couple

You have to be straightforward with the couple while making the contract. Tell the couple how do you want to work and know the requirements from them. Find out the main shooting focus, how many shots they want, how they will use the shots, etc.

Don’t hesitate about the pricing. Tell the couple about your demands.

  •  Turn off the sound on your camera

Your camera sound can spoil a perfect shot, especially when you are trying to take a candid shot. You have to take shots in silence. Be invisible when taking some important moments. Such as speeches, kisses, vows etc. So, don’t forget to switch off your camera sounds from the beginning.

  • Shoot the small details

Every small detail on the wedding day is important. They will tell the story of the wedding after many years. So, don’t forget to shoot the small details. Such as rings, dresses, flowers, table settings, menus, etc. These small details will work as an individual story.

  • Use two cameras

It would be very risky if you use only one camera on the wedding day. Manage at least two cameras anyhow and use it with a different lens. Using one longer lens would be a great help. 

  • Consider a second wedding photographer

On the big day, you can’t move too many places alone at the same time. So, there is a chance you will miss many important shots. In that case, consider a second wedding photographer. At least take an intern if you can’t hire one. Working as a team would make it easier. Thus, you can cover the whole day with so many perfect shots. 

  • Be bold but not obtrusive

You have to be bold when taking the shots. If you hesitate and afraid to go front line, you won’t get the perfect shot. But careful when moving around and plan the timing for everything.

On average, you should move around at least 4-5 times. Be bold and act as a professional wedding photographer while you are taking a formal shot. Ask the couple and their party what you want, how do you want.

Learn how to use diffused light

The lights are essential in a wedding Photography. You need to know how to bounce or diffuse a flash very well. The normal lights are very low in many churches. Some churches even don’t allow to use a flash. In that case, you might have to buy a flash diffuser. You can also use a fast lens with wide apertures. 

  • Shoot in RAW

Many of us think that there isn’t enough time to shoot in raw in wedding photography. But if you can manage enough time, then shoot in RAW. It gives you more flexibility to edit the shots after shooting. 

  • Display your shots at the reception

If possible, set up a display at the reception. Then upload the shots that you have taken before the day. It will create an impressive effect on the guests. Provide slideshow from the shots so that the guests can find extra entertainment.

  • Consider your backgrounds

A good background can make a lot of changes in the photo. But finding a good background in wedding photography is challenging. On the wedding day, people don’s stay in the same place. They move from one place to another. So, wherever they go, try to choose a great background from there. Especially with the formal shots, find out a good landscape area.

  •  Don’t discard your Mistakes

If you make any mistakes in the shots, then don’t discard them. If needed, shoot more and try not to make the same mistake again. But in wedding photography, a professional photographer also makes mistakes. So, no one can avoid them, but you can face them at least. But don’t take much pressure about it as you can edit and manipulate the photos later.

  • Change your perspective

Use your creativity in wedding photography. Try to take the shots from a different angle. It will help if you prefer taking many shots for one scene. Take the shots from down low, up high, at a wide-angle to bring variety.

  • Wedding group shots

In Wedding Photography, be careful about the group shots. Group photos are very important in a wedding. Try to include everyone’s face in the shots when you are taking a group photo. Choose a higher place for group shots. Use balcony, roof, ladder if you have to. It will help if you communicate with the wedding photography coordinator for rounding up the group.

  • Fill flash

When you are shooting outside, use a little fill flash. In the afternoon or before evening, the natural light becomes lower. So, to avoid the shadows, it would be better if you use a little fill flash.

  • Continuous shooting mode

Use every feature of technology. The continuous shooting mode in the camera is a great advantage. You can shoot a lot of photos with it. So, turn on the continuous shooting mode in your camera.

  • Expect the unexpected

Try to capture the unexpected moments. On the wedding day, many things can go wrong. But those can be the best part of the day. In every wedding, some common matter happens. Such as not finding the ring, can’t remembering the vows, raining at the stage, etc.

Though these moments can arouse panicky, these are the moments that can make a memory. So, try to shoot every unexpected incident at the wedding.


Wedding photography is an enjoyable profession. At a wedding, you should work along with the celebration. Try to have fun so that the subjects you are photographing will be more relaxed. In the wedding photography smiling is the best way to loosen up the people. Try to make jokes so that they can smile, then click and click.

Every wedding photographer tries to give their best effort at a wedding. Still, there may have many faults and mistakes. So, they need the help of professional Photoshop services after the shooting. You can contact us to edit and manipulate your wedding photos. And let us know if you enjoyed our best 20 tips about wedding photography. 

Are there different types of wedding photography?

Yes, there are three types of wedding photography. They are reportage photography, traditional photography, and contemporary wedding photography. 

How much should you spend on a wedding photographer?

The average budget should be around $2000 for a wedding photographer. But it can change on a country basis. In the US, the range for wedding photography is $1,150 to $3,000.