Photoshop Face Swap

Photoshop Face Swap

The Photoshop face swap is an amazing technique by which you can completely alter a model’s face. It is the best technique for commercial photography, especially in the e-Commerce business.

Today we will show you how to face swaps in Photoshop. It was a tricky job in the previous Photoshop versions. But in the newer versions, it’s an easy job that anyone can do with some little practice. If you need an advanced face swap at an affordable price, contact us. So, without any further discussion, let’s see how to make a Photoshop face swap.

Criteria for Photoshop Face Swap

There are some conditions you have to make sure of before making a face swap. You can’t face swap a black face with a white body perfectly. So, make sure both images have the same criteria before making a Photoshop face swap. Here are some conditions that you have to maintain.

  • Choose the images those face angles are the same. The angle ratio maintenance is the important thing you should focus on first.
  • Choose similar or closer color depth.
  • Make sure the resolution of the images is the same. 
  • Use a newer version of Photoshop to get an advantage.

Step by Step Editing Process:

To capture the whole process of making a Photoshop face swap, we listed down the steps. It will help you to do the job with perfection. See the steps first.

  • Opening both files in Photoshop
  • Selecting the Face with Lasso tool
  • Copy and paste the face to another one 
  • Making a selection to the photo that needs to swap
  • Removing the face that you want to replace
  • Using the blending option
  • Editing and Retouching for the face matching
  • And Saving

You can download it from here if you need it. In this tutorial, we are going to use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 to access advanced features.

Step 1: Opening the Files in Photoshop

At first, open both files in Photoshop. But compare the similarities of both files first. When you open them side by side, it’s easy to compare. Check the criteria from the above. If the photos do not match, then choose different ones to make a Photoshop face swap.

file opening

Step 2: Selecting the Face with the Lasso Tool

Before selecting the face, make sure both faces have the same look. If there is hair in front of one face and another one does not, they are not a perfect match for the swap. After doing everything right, make a perfect selection of the face. 

There are other ways to make a selection. You can use the Photoshop pen tool, a quick selection tool instead of the lasso tool. Learn how to use the Photoshop Pen Tool.

As we want to make a freehand selection, we are going to use the lasso tool after all. Make the selection as much as it can replace the face. After drawing the selection, right-click inside the path. Then choose the “Make Selection” option.

face selection

Step 3: Copy and paste the face to another one.

After making the selection, use Ctrl+C to copy the selection. Now go to the other image and press Ctrl+V to paste the face.

face replacing

Step 4: Making a selection to the photo that needs to swap

After adjusting, now name the copied layer as “Face for swap”. Then copy the background layer and name it “Face to swap from”.

Renaming Layer

After doing that, now hide the original background layer. Press Ctrl and click on the ‘Face for swapping layer’. Now a selection is made.

selection for face swap

Step 5: Removing the Face that you want to replace

To remove the face that you want to replace, first hide the ‘Face for swapping’ layer. Now go to the menu and choose ‘Select’ then “Contract” from “Modify”. In the pop-up window give the pixels’ value 10.

Layer Modify

Now make a layer mask and press Ctrl+I to inverse the mask. Then it will remove the face. After removing, select the ‘Face for swapping’ layer. Keep the opacity to 100% then press Ctrl and click on the layer image to create a selection. Then make a layer mask again.

Step 6: Using the Blending Option

Before using the blending option, select both ‘Face for swapping’ and ‘Face to swap from’ layers. To do that first select one, then press Ctrl and click on the other layer. Now go to the ‘Edit’ menu then select ‘Auto-Blend Layers’.

Blending Option

Now mark Panorama, Seamless Tones and Colors & Content-Aware Fill. Then Press ‘OK’. After that, Photoshop will do some calculations. It will use AI(Artificial intelligence) technology to merge both layers together. Now edit and retouch the Photoshop face swap.

Step 7: Editing and Retouching for the Face Matching

Now, if you zoom the image, you will see there are some mismatches in the Photoshop face swap. Now retouch it to correct the mismatching. Take a soft brush tool with an 8-10% flow. Then take samples from the nearest colors and tone to fix the mismatching. Press & hold Alt+ Left click from a source area. Brush over the mismatching areas and make the perfect match. Remember not to use the same color in all the places. Use also the ‘Blur Tool’ in some places to make more perfection.

Now, look at the final result below.

face swap final result

Step 8: Save It

After completing the whole process, now save the file in any format you want.


It was an easy process for making Photoshop a face swap. However, there are other ways to replace the face in a photo. But we think with this simple process making Photoshop face swap easier. And it was also the most convenient process to make a perfect Photoshop face swap.

Are there other apps for face swap?

Yes, you can make a better face swap in GIMP. Besides, there are many android based apps to make amazing face swap.

How much it cost to make a face swap?

You can make a face swap for photo editing services. The Face Swap service cost depends on the image quality and subject. To make a face swap costs $2 per image on average.