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Old Damage Photo Restoration Services

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Old Photo Restoration Services

Photo restoration is the process of fixing a printed copy of a photo that has become worse than the original one.  Nowadays, almost everyone has a digital camera. So, people don't use printed photographs anymore if not necessary. But the old photographs from a few years or your childhood still matter to you. Those photos have great value as they contain your sweet memories and emotions. In course of time, those memories may have faded away from those printed photographs. There are many reasons behind it. The fact is your printed photos from long years ago can lose attractions and the sweet memories of you.

So, if you want to get that sweet memory in today's digital screens, you can get it back by Photo Restoration Services. Photo Restoration Services can bring your old photo back just like it was before. You can reach us with your old faded photographs. We are one of the best old photo restoration companies and offer high-quality photo restoration and enhancement services.

What is Digital Photo Restoration?

Digital photo restoration helps to create digital images from damaged old printed photographs using modern photo editing tools. It can help recover old degraded images. With the help of advanced technology, any spoiled image can be restored. Thus, you can bring back the fresh and lively appearance in the image. The old photo which is damaged by water, tear, stain, or mold can be fixed and brought back to its original condition.  The whole process involves creating a digital version of that image. Then you can preserve that image or photographs in the storage of any digital device forever.

Black and White Photo Restoration

In the early days of photography, there were only black and white films. With the advancement of technology, scientists developed cameras that can capture colors. But the photo taken before that was only black and white. Still, many people keep those black and white printed photographs as they contain a lot of memories and emotions. As we said before, printed photographs can be damaged in course of time.

Professional black and white restoration services offer extensive skills and use modern technology to fix your damaged black and white photographs. Contact us to get high-quality black and white photo restoration services at an affordable cost.

Damaged Photo Restoration

Your memories matter to you the most. But the treasured memories of yours taken by your camera may be damaged in many ways. Digital images or printed photographs carry a lot of memories and emotions. And there are so many reasons that can cause permanent damage to your photos. Especially, if those are printed photographs then the damage is a must in course of time. But don't worry! You can bring those memories back to life with our professional photo restoration service.

Our professional photo retouchers’ have many years of experience in fixing faded photos. They can restore your damaged photos using cutting-edge technologies and provide you high-quality service.

Colorization of Black & White Photo

Strains, scratches, or folds degrade monochrome photos. If the photo was taken a long time ago then it can be discolored. Besides, there are other reasons your photos can be unattractive. But the old photos that contain your sweet memories can be fixed with colorization.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best modern tools to restore the original color. But you will need an expert's help to do that. Professional Colorization services provide great strategies to fix your photo. In that case, Clipping Panda offers the most creative old photo restoration services to make your memories alive. Send us your requirements and we will do the rest.

Antique Photo Restoration

Antique photo restoration involves the process of restoring an antique photo to reveal its beauty. As the photos get older, they are highly prone to the risk of being damaged easily. You never want to lose the old photos that bring out the best memories and give you the pleasure for a lifetime.

But with time, these photos fade and there's nothing you can do. As a result, the photos lose their brightness and get a lot of scratches. From now on you never have to worry about it as our experts can manipulate images and can fix all the issues of the old antique photo. Send us old photos using the above photo restoration form.

Missing Parts Recreation

You may have some old photographs that are missing some original parts. It happens when you keep your old printed photo uncared for a long time. But suddenly, these days you are missing those memories and you want to recover those parts of your photos.

It is one of the most challenging jobs to restore missing parts of old photos. Experts take that challenge to restore missing pieces, especially for a severely damaged photo. Our experts will manually put the pieces together to make it authentic as it was before. Try our best old photo restoration services at a very cheap cost.

Water Damage Photo Restoration

Water is one of the main reasons which causes damage to printed photographs. Water from floods, leaks, and other ways are responsible for the damage of photographs. Very few photographs were printed on special paper and those photos could survive in the water. But, not every person could afford that then. So, they had to print their sweet memories in ordinary papers.

But in the change of time or natural reasons, water may damage those sweet memories. Now, you can recover those memories from the old printed photographs to a new digital device. Our high-quality old photo restoration services can help you recover your memories.

Scratches & Blemish Removal

Old photos cannot stay perfect as always. Tears, spots and cracks, and many elements scratch and blemish in the old printed photographs. However, people want to turn their old paper photos into digital form to see those in smart devices.

But, it is a very sensitive job to remove scratches and blemishes from your old photo without causing any damage. We know how hard it is to struggle with old photographs because of scratches and blemishes. We can help you repair it with our high-quality old photo restoration services. Contact us if you have any old photos with scratches and blemishes and that need to be fixed.

Old Photo Sharpening

Without sharpening, old photo restoration will not fulfill. After repairing every old photo needs sharpening to bring an original and fresh look. If you don't do the sharpening process to your old photos, then noise can impact the quality. You will need experts at sharpening old photographs without causing any defects. Experts will manually remove the noise and make your photo sharp enough.

To bring back the original look and make your old photos alive again, we offer professional old photo restoration services at a reasonable cost. Experts at Clipping Panda have many years of expertise in restoring old photographs. Learn more about our old photo restoration services.

Photo Color Restoration

Color is the ultimate element of a photo. In a word, Color is the life that makes a photo alive. Old images can lose their original color with the change of time. Usually, the old photographs that were captured a long time ago become faded. Again the photos were taken with the modern cameras sometimes miss the original color too.

If that is the case, then your photos may lose authentic appeal to the viewers. So, it is a common problem and everybody wants to restore the original color of the photo. You can restore the missing colors of your photo with professional old photo restoration services.

Mold Damage Repair

Old printed photographs face a common problem and that is mold or mildew. Mold and mildew both are one kind of fungus that usually attacks old printed photographs. You can see those fungi in the ceiling of your home too. When you keep your old photos in moist environments for a long time, it happens.

Mold usually spreads easily and can live on your photo albums. Then it becomes very tough to get rid of. But old photo restorations services offer the most effective and easier solution for that. Our experts at repairing mold damage will work on it to regain the original image for you.

How We Repair Old Photos?

The old photo restoration process works differently for different kinds of photos. Experts at photo editing need to apply advanced techniques to restore old printed photographs. If your photo misses any object then we have to add those manually using high-end technologies and skills. In Photoshop, we do the below process to restore old photos. Have a look at our step-by-step process of restoring old photographs.

1. Replacement of the Background

Almost all the old photographs require background removal. To remove all the spots and stains. first, we replace the background of the photo. We use the Photoshop pen tool to select the main object precisely to remove the background. Then we change the color.

3. Resize & Cropping

Clients mostly request to crop their photos in this service. However, we also offer cropping service at our old photo restoration services. We transform and restore your photo in a way that your photo looks more stunning than before.

2. Object Removal

Usually, the old photos contain a lot of distractions. You may want to remove all the distractions. So our next step is removing various objects from your photo. With Adobe Photoshop, we remove unwanted objects such as wires, trees, or even people from your photo.

4. Photo Repairing

The final step is repairing your photographs. Your photos still need many adjustments to do after completing the above steps. The adjustments include possible swells, making the photo fresh, body resizing, and more. We make all of this possible through our professional old photo restoration services.

Why Should You Choose Our Photo Restoration Services?


01. We maintain the ultimate professionalism and quality to provide old photo restoration services. Our photo restoration experts have the necessary skills, expertise, and extensive knowledge to achieve the perfect result.

02. We believe that our success depends on our client’s satisfaction. That’s why we are providing the best quality old photo restoration services for many years to get that satisfaction.

03. We never compromise with the quality and this is the reason we use only professional tools and effective techniques.

04. You don't have to worry about safety and quality as our expert professionals are extremely trained in high-end photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.