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Photo editing is getting advanced; hence the photo editing services are also getting progressive. The multi-clipping path is another technique or service that’s provided for the advanced editing of graphics. An average person with necessary editing skills cannot perform multi-clipping path techniques. At Clipping Panda, we have experienced designers and expert editors that offer the most excellent editing by using multipath techniques. We are working on a day and night basis, to bring you exceptional quality images in time. At, we do not delay projects and are known for meeting the deadlines with excellent quality images.

Multi Clipping path offers more than one services for an image. For example, when a model requires to edit for the background and the corners plus edges at the same time, then Multi Clipping Service is used. It offers a complete solution in different parts like skin color, shirt or pants. The photos never get blurred even in large sizes because color editing is also performed.

mulitple clipping path service

CLLIPING PANDA have the capacity and confidence to provide best Multi Clipping Path service worldwide with maximum quality. We run project according to client expectation, demand and range of satisfaction.

We will work closely with you within the full project periods and consider your suggestions or ideas. Instant or additional requirements will also be considered with respect.

Multi Clipping Path Work Sample

Service Categories

Multi clipping path is also known as multi-path, is one of the most sophisticated way to professionally edit images. Several sections need to separate for each photo by creating different path layers. The color change is the main theme of multipath service; it also highlights every detail of the photo nicely. It keeps the picture in an engaging zone and gives it a beautiful look. In ancient period, models needed to pose perfectly or hold the perfect makeup for the whole time of the shoot. The shooting duration continued so long if the exact shoot did not come out. That was very time-consuming. Thanks, the days had gone. It is time to adopt something smart like multipath service and stop expending million on photo shoots. It will gain your image a new, attractive and fresh look. Any graphics artist can assure you image editing service, but only a few deft can do multipath effectively. Experts of CLIPPING PANDA have divided our Multi Clipping Path Services into three categories, which are:

Model Multi

Model Multi

In Model Multi, our complete team is involved in editing and repairing your images from all corners. Model Multi considers as the primary service, but it requires skills as well. At we work on the images and offer them precisely in a way you want.

Clothing Multi

Clothing Multi means, our experts are going to select for the cloth section of an image that requires editing. We promise high-quality photos that are going to do positive branding for your brands. These images will be attractive for colors and will be hugely-appealing in the looks.

Accessories Multi

Accessories Multi

When it comes to taking photos of the products and accessories, sometimes due to the light effect, the pictures don't give the same appeal because of the light. Hence, what we do is, offer image editing to make their looks, looking perfect.

Where needs Multi Clipping path service:

Professional Photographer or brands such as cloth, shoes require multi clipping path. They have or require the same design many products that need to correction only color. Also, logo designer or Illustrator works require multi clipping path. Multi Clipping is a chance for photographers to design their photos with maximum flexibility. Multi clipping path needs for

  • Banners
  • Posters and play cards
  • Background service
  • color correction
  • Raster to vector
  • fashion designer
  • Logo Designer

What are the benefits of Multi clipping path?

Multiple Clipping Path is a process to make each section in different path layer. You can easily change the color by selection each layer such as

  • Edit tones color
  • Hair Correction
  • Cloth Correction
  • Sunglass Color
  • Bags, Bracelet, belt correction
  • Shoe Correction

Why Choose Us?

Clipping Panda provides hand-made clipping path. Designers are beautiful enough to understand your real needs, and then they will serve you better image quality. We are providing multi clipping path service from 2015.

  • We offer you special discounts for all types of Photoshop services, with high-quality services, will save money and time.  
  • In our three-step QA process, We ensure the image quality.
  • Our customer receives a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • All your photos and information are safe. Also, we use a very secure file transfer system.
  • Your privacy is our policy, and 100% client satisfaction is our goal.