DSLR vs Mirrorless

DSLR Vs Mirrorless Camera

Looking to buy a new camera? Maybe you are but cannot decide which type would be good for you. Professional photographers always make their decision about buying a digital camera. Mostly it depends on what kind of photography they are doing. Whatever it is, the ultimate battle is always between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera.

Among the digital cameras, both DSLRs and mirrorless share different kinds of features. They work differently with the lenses that allow more versatile photography. When you are buying, you are not buying just a camera but also a whole system of lenses.

In some cases, Mirrorless cameras have more advantages than DSLRs. On the other hand, it is quite the opposite when it comes to buying DSLRs.  So, think carefully about what type of photography you will be doing and what are features that you will need first. Then choose between DSLR vs Mirrorless. To make your choice easier, here we will discuss every feature and advantage of both types. Read the full guide to learn about the best camera for photography.

DSLR Camera

DSLRs have almost the same design as 35mm film cameras. This kind of camera has a mirror inside the camera body. That mirror reflects the light entering the lens up to a prism. Thus, you can preview your shot into the viewfinder. Pressing the shutter allows the mirror to be flipped up. Then the light can fall onto the image sensor. This way a DSLR captures the final shot. One of the great and popular DSLR cameras is the Nikon D3400 DSLR. Consider at least checking the camera before buying a DSLR.

Nikon D3400

Mirrorless Camera

Normally, light passes through the lens then onto the image sensor in a mirrorless camera. In this case, you can see the preview on the rear screen. Some mirrorless also has a second screen in the electronic viewfinder. You can see previews by putting your eye on them. An example of the great mirrorless camera can be the Sony Alpha a6300. At least check it once before buying a Mirrorless camera.

Sony Alpha a6300

Size and Weight Comparison

DSLR cameras need to fit in a mirror and a prism camera. So, they are made larger. On the other hand, a mirrorless camera is smaller than a DSLR camera. A mirrorless camera is also slimmer than any other camera in the world. Carrying a weight full camera is always a burden for a photographer. Mirrorless cameras can release that burden while traveling for photography.

mirrorless vs DSLR size

Autofocus Speed Comparison

DSLRs are known as the king of cameras for the capacity of autofocus and low-light shooting. But these features are now in the mirrorless too. The Sony a7R III mirrorless is a great camera for low-light shooting. The autofocus systems have also improved greatly in Mirrorless cameras. However, when it comes to autofocusing on fast-moving objects like shooting sports or wildlife, DSLRs still remain the king.

Preview Image Feature

The optical viewfinder of the camera helps to see what you are shooting exactly. It is a great advantage for DSLRs. But in a mirrorless, you can see the preview on-screen. Some mirrorless cameras also have a feature called an electronic viewfinder. It helps to see the object look like the final image while shooting in a good light. But when you are shooting in low light and with a fast-moving subject, the image may appear bad and noisy with too much blur. You can avoid those situations by using a DSLR. For the good bright light, both DSLRs and Mirrorless are good performers.

Preview Image Feature of a camera

Which One Provides Best Quality Recording?

High-end mirrorless cameras are well known for video recording. In a DSLR camera, it is difficult for phase-detection for a mirror in video recording. So, DSLRs have to perform the slower, less accurate, contrast-detection for shooting. In that case, a blurry look in the middle of a video appears in the focus. However, new SLR cameras like Nikon D8540 have phase detection features. Mirrorless cameras like Panasonic LUMIX GH5S, can shoot 4K and Ultra HD video.

Shooting Speed Comparison

DSLR vs Mirrorless, whichever you use, they both can shoot at very fast shutter speeds. They both can capture a lot of photos quickly. But there are exceptions like high-end DSLRs. However, without a mirror, a camera makes it easier to capture many images one after another. 

Battery Performance

Generally, the LCD screen or EVF uses a lot of power. But DSLRs can shoot without a screen. So, they offer longer battery life. On the other hand, they both offer the same battery life if you use the LCD screens. Besides, batteries are not an issue as you can carry removable batteries all the time.

Price Comparison

The prices of the DSLRs and Mirrorless camera depends on their features and quality. The prices also vary from model to model. To learn the prices of digital cameras, read our latest blog about the best camera for Photography.


Finally, we can say that mirrorless cameras have many features such as they are lighter, compact, and faster. They can also shoot better videos. DSLRs also have many advantages. But focus on what you need for photography. Consider the one that can fulfill your photography demands and offers more features.

Will DSLR be replaced by mirrorless?

Many photographers have already decided that DSLRs will be replaced by mirrorless. But a huge number of photographers still think that it will take time. At least, until the mirrorless cameras can shoot sports or wildlife