Photo Stitching

Panorama Photo Stitching Company

It can be extremely difficult to capture an entire scene or a beautiful landscape in a single shot and multiple photos have to be taken in order to capture the moment – making sure not to miss anything. Now, you do not need to worry about anything as Clipping Panda can help you stich multiple pictures and merge them into a single image panoramic photo using its 360-degree panoramic stitching services.

Clipping Panda takes pride in providing cost-effective prices and premium-quality photo stitching services to its clientele base. By using the top-of-the-line Photoshop techniques, our experts make sure that our customers get the highest quality product in the market within a short turnaround time. After all the images have been stitched together in order to form a high-quality, attention grabbing panoramic photo, you can use that to increase click-through as well as conversion ratios to increase the scalability of your business.

Providing our customers with a rich and interactive product to virtually experience the real estate property, Clipping Panda makes sure that you get the best out of our image stitching services.

Panoramic views are known to be extremely effective in advertising, promoting as well as marketing of the products as many big players in the industries as well as e-commerce businesses rely on our professional 360-degree photo editing services.

Here Are Some of The Techniques We Use for Our 360-Degree Panorama Image Stitching Services:

  • Stitching and adjusting of horizontal and vertical images
  • Positioning, wrapping as well as aligning of elements
  • Elimination of redundant objects and elements
  • Fish-eye as well as HDR panorama stitching
  • Cropping, rotating as well as resizing of photos with color modifications maintaining perfect contrast and brightness
  • Creation of inner/outer, sphere/cylinder panorama
  • Fine-tuning as well as image filtering of levels and curves
  • Eliminating unwanted shadows as well as spots and also correcting errors caused due to misalignment of the camera, motion, light etc.
  • Image blending and creation of 360-degree virtual tour experience
  • Full-view as well as aerial photo stitching

Why Choose Clipping Panda for Photo Stitching Services?

With our vast experience in panorama photo stitching services, we make sure to analyze even the smallest of details in order to get the perfect results for our customers. Our team of experts use the most updated versions of Photoshop and other professional tools to deliver utmost satisfaction. We deliver high-resolution images by diving deep into multiple aspects and issues including misalignments, overlapping, visible seams, color differences, incoherent shade, tilting angles and light.

There are innumerable advantages of outsourcing your photo editing and stitching needs to Clipping Panda:


Our highly skilled team of photo editing experts continuously pushes itself in order to achieve best results – as we know how great an effect our excellent panoramic image can have on the scalability of your business.

Sharing Updates

We make sure to have a work methodology that is aligned to your expectations and aspirations. We do not not move forward until our clients are satisfied with the initial stitching phase as we continuously update our customers through every step of the way.

Sequence Prioritization

With the help of our vast experience and expertise in the industry, we utilize automated software and manual processing in order to create extraordinary panoramic views which would ultimately have an impact on your audience.

Enhancing Images

The aesthetic value, quality and appeal of the images are effectively enhanced to make them more captivating and attention-grabbing. For you to get undistorted viewing experience – seams are efficiently merged while reducing blur and noise.

Quality Compliance

We strictly follow the Agile Methodology, in order to deliver superior quality every step of the way which ultimately results in extreme satisfaction for our customers. By adhering to our strict work ethic, we scrutinize each image in order to achieve perfection and flawlessness.

Handing Over of Project

After rigorous and strict quality control checks, final panoramic stitched images are sent to clients in various formats that are png, tiff, jpeg etc. over secured and protected servers in order to have maximum protection and privacy for your private information.