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    360 Picture Editing

    Pictures, Hiroshige 360 ​​degrees for men; This product is especially inspiring to make another real estate popular. A panoramic view that allows potential buyers to research and root, another real estate in the country does not offer a real experience of being there. Our graphic designers offer all the features of the image in a tech-savvy real estate industry who have announced that, in addition to using the other person’s image, in addition to offering 360 local tours for clients. Either through stitching, stitching, the stitching of the frame so you can improve your panning and also the needs of completely straight.

    If you’re thirsty, our efforts in the region real estate services and one panoramic perspective will help you influence your valuable clients. This helps customers understand their various business problems. In connection with our one panoramic photographic image by stitching or the operation of our graphic experts, the combination of the 360 ​​degrees panoramic image is without reason. The worship of the inner to our John Frederick occupied photography, the background of the cylinder, the cylinder, the outer things of the stage, the stage, and flat on the stage from the inside of the stage outside the sphere. If you want to get rid of unwanted objects in the panorama, enhance the image or blur if it can’t wait to bring you superior results. The convenience is that our primary focus is placed, responding to services that we really fail. Our 360-degree digital landscape, the mix includes a virtual tournament is 360 degrees, and training services and video services.

    How to do Universal Edits:

    Any changes applied to the full image or photo contributions are not available as indicated in the 360 files you can move in and these changes must be made first. The first to open the image in Photoshop. Don’t worry about how it looks distorted, 360 degrees in the workspace, no matter how it arrived.

    Then all changes are made to the image. These settings include options in the Image> Adjustments menu, such as exposure, saturation, and black and white conversion, as well as options available in the filter menu, you should not turn a photo into a painting or photograph a person to promote oil.

    You will not be able to use them with the order shape movements, namely for those who go to the next step. So if you want the necessary adjustments, such as adding text or images, or adjusting the layers, so that the conversion changes. If such layers change, the image is smoothed to the next step or you lose something that is not the background layer.

    Positions the image to fill the entire 360 ​​for the workspace.

    Render 360 Format:

    Then you need to show your work in Photoshop, the image can be in Preview 360. This makes it easy to switch views to implement the local settings in the form of the 360 ​​guards after exporting.

    For a photo of the layer 360 graduated in layers, make sure the photo is an original panel and 3D to The Sphere to New Map on the selected layers.

    Optum, you will see a dialog box where you can adjust the size of the people with the shape of the window you can move around in, and some names more options. If collectors have come to you if you want to see the image in a traditional 360 system, use a size large enough to see the size you want at the same time, but in most cases, it’s good to maintain the standards.

    Select a Workplace:

    A 3D window will pop up asking if you want to switch to a 3D workspace if possible, it has something called profitable. The 3D workspace highlights the most with 360 and the tools they need but also eliminates some tools, including bypass and burnt brush recovery. As for the length of the defect and the variability of his own financial interest in the subject of the work is available, so a decision cannot be a bad thing. You can switch between desktops that always go to Windows than Desktop.


    PHOTOSHOP helps you to go to a new 360 so that an image like Facebook is possible. The image of the flow to the outside of the left side of the meaning, use, Pan, Pan and look around you to see the perspective in the image you want to find, and turned around to the controls. You can also click on the tool in his hand, and perspective and click to drag, change, and just as well.

    Make observed:

    Obtained 3D as a panorama image and navigating the problem area, use the tools in Photoshop to make local corrections. For example, if you use Photoshop clone in the brush and a tripod, that is a tool to remove the parts of the 360 ​​camera. And the possibilities are almost endless.

    Export the image:

    In the same sense, the image of steps 360 360 is not used, nor do you use the “usually implies that” to open imperial power. And when they put an end to food, don’t skimp: to 3D> The Spherical Parts to Export Panorama. If you use the export option, you don’t have the option to get away from the image on Facebook yet, in addition, to support for VR developers. If you have to eat and then finish the line, save the image file, and use the PSD export options when it comes. Now you will have an amazing image.

    Because of this, a person returns to a central venous lens. This is the border that surrounds and touches a photo from another scan. By eating the colors in the photo, most image editors, including Photoshop, see adjacent elements to determine what changes to make for each pixel. But in 360 photographic photos to be taken according to the relative changes in the remaining elements, the other side forms. In other words, the other right. However, these are currently.